Thursday, September 23, 2010

sis-ta week

what a wonderful week!
seven days and nights!
two sisters, Lil from IN, Marie from Ohio,
spent the week here.
because of the death of an elderly uncle
we had a few extra days to laugh, shop (mostly window), eat,
watch movies, play games and lose hours of sleep! :)
yes, it was wonderful!
(l-r - Rhoda, Lil, myself, Marie)
a freshly-cooked omelet at our first brunch together...yummy!

we spent one night at a B&B.
enjoying our breakfast together.

we finished the week at friendly's where three neices joined us.


 our time together is bittersweet.
one year ago, sis-ta Lil had major heart surgery.
due to a smaller-than-average valve,
 it was a stop-gap, not a cure.
her daughter Lynda and son Lane, who live two hours away,
joined us for a day and night.

Lil enjoying grandma time with him.
sis-ta Marie is under chriopractic care due to hip issues.
she became the 'bag lady.' :)
indeed, it was a wonderful time!



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Enjoying the Scenery said...

Looks like a lovely week! So glad you could have some good ole quality time!

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