Wednesday, September 8, 2010

landscape tour - 1

we bought our 'dawdy haus' in the fall of 1998,
rented it out until the spring of 2004,
then moved in ourselves the end of april of that same year.
the landscaping was minimal with a ho-hum sixty-ish style,
which was okay with me,
 'cause i had visions -big visions for this place!
- 1999 -
(more on this before/after coming up)
- spring of 2004 -
- 2006 we added a fence from the Wicked North Winds -
- fall of 2007 -
that winter this beautiful japanese maple died...
i could have cried!
i added this rusty gate to the by now, weathered wood.
- 2008 -
we left the tree up for a year secretly hoping it would revive and cut it down this past winter.
i moved or gave away the hosta and started over.
- the Mess 2010 -
- to a re-arranged wood pile - 
hubs cut old porch posts in half and to hold them in place,
i stripped them over re bar,
placing them beside the wooden 'bridge.'
- spring of 2010 -
- late summer 2010 -

i like this look but still prefer the beauty of the japanese maple.
the small crepe myrtle that's there is a baby from the big one we have
in front of the kitchen window and will fill up this empty space with its beauty.



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Rhiannon said...

oh how sad that maple was truly gorgeous! Cant wait to see what the crepe myrtle looks like when it gets bigger.

Anonymous said...


Funky Junk Interiors said...

What a beautiful outdoor space! Your walkway is to die for.

And that woodpile?!? Oy that was alot of stacking! Bring on the snow! :)

Nicely done!


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