Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the back yard

In plain words, the back yard looks terrible! The humidity plus moisture was a recipe for a fungus that kills the top grass, leaving ugly brown spots in the yard. There isn't anything to treat the fungus with but to let it run its course. The new grass that was re-seeded this spring has been especially hit hard. Information on it tells me the grass grows back again...we'll see.

The first sign of the looks like a fine mist on the grass.
Second step...the top grass begins to die.
Then there is this grass that grows like a weed!
If one wants to take the time, it pulls out very easily.
This is what parts of the yard looks like.

On a more cheerful note,
I used some compost this week and found these lovely crawlies by the dozens!
Lovely, lovely earthworms, gobbling up the goodies into compost!

...happy gardening!


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