Thursday, July 15, 2010

broken stuff

i decided to change the dishes on the dinning room shelf
and chose to use my small collection of ironstone.
after changing it, i left the room and heard a CRASH BANG...
oh dear!
this heavy shelf didn't budge in the six years we lived here...
the ironstone must have added too much weight
and the shelf slipped loose from the nails.

two were salvageable, the pitcher having a small chip that can be repaired.
the shelf looks like this for now...
but needs some more tweaking.
any ideas? i'm all out of 'em! :)

last week i moved a bench into another spot,
placed a birdhouse, wooden mailbox, a jug with flowers on it.
walked outside last evening and saw this...
a collapsed bench!
but considereing it was a fence before a bench,
and i had it for...oh...fifteen years or more
and it sat outside all that time...
well - there it is!

this was a good a reminder of what is important...
- it was just dishes and a bench -
- things come and go -
- happiness is not possessions -
- there's more out there somewhere! :)



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Enjoying the Scenery said...'s nor fun to lose stuff that way but liked your perspective on it!

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