Tuesday, June 15, 2010

three R's in the garden

Recycle, re-use and rescue...what better place than in your gardens! Lots of times, one can get wonderful architectural stuff either free for the taking or for few bucks. Stay aware on the road and it's amazing the stuff folks put out on trash-hauling day. But you gotta swallow your pride and feel a little stupid... but when you do it enough times, your skin gets pretty thick, and it becomes fun! :) I could write a small book on my finds! :)

Here is some of my 'trash to treasure' stuff.

This arbor was created out of four porch pillars headed for a burn pile and inserted over five foot re-bar, PVC pipe from HD held together by a hook screwed through the center to hang, in this case, a de-electrified light from GW. This arbor is not intended to lean against - it's wobbly but serves its purpose very well.
Another porch pillar inserted over re-bar and topped with a light thinga-ma-jing of some kind.
These posts were cut in half and I used five to emphasize a path.
Free wrought iron - how lucky can I get!
Love the curlicue!
This gate serves several purposes...it invites one to keep going and looks great!
Then there's windows...imagination is the limit!
Around here, there's a lot of free windows. The scalloped edge, finial, end design and porch posts in the pictures above, came from an old house that was torn down. The hardest part in this project for me, was getting the right angle for the roof but I have no doubt practise perfects as I have more windows to do...sometime! :)

Recycle, Re-use, Rescue!

...happy gardening!



lucy said...

found your blog through your sisters FB page and enjoyed it trememdously!!Will be checking back again, but for now gotta go work in my garden:)Lucy Shirk

Rose said...

That's a great post!!! I'll have to keep my eyes open for finds. They're still not trained. ☺

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