Friday, June 11, 2010

'take me out to the ballgame!'

last evening was grandkids night. P & J were playing their last little league game of the season & P is one of their pitchers. he loves playing! J plays merely to play but is a cheerful player. we took S & A along for their promised night out for their birthdays to do a round of mini golf, so the rest of us were their cheerleaders.

P at bat.
P, who will soon be nine, has a pitching form all of his own.

J at bat.
T just started walking full time and S is using a chair for her 'house.'

S & A scored big at this game...
S had two hole-in-one and A had one hole-in-one and won a free game!
we finished the night off with ice cream,
i won the game,
and hubs paid the bill.
altogether a lovely evening!



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