Tuesday, June 8, 2010

adding ambiance to the gardens

Am-bi-ance...an environment or its distinct atmosphere.

Every garden has that - some that is good and some not good. A garden conveys peacefulness or a 'too busy-ness' or clutter or a spirit of welcome and it does clue in on the personality of the gardener. Ooh, now that's kinda scary! :) Halloween is a good example of ambiance...even driving past a cobwebby and skeletons everywhere place feels uncomfortable.

When we had the h-u-g-e mimosa tree in the back yard, it felt like a giant umbrella. It shaded the yard with its enormous branches like welcoming arms that felt safe and restful.

This mimosa added a lot of 'ambiance' to the back (this is the best picture of that I have in my files) and when we cut it down, it totally changed the look. I really missed the 'ambiance' it gave to the whole picture of the gardens but NOT the dirt it made! We replaced the tree with a pergola which now has another kind of ambiance.

Sound and sight adds lots of ambiance...wind chimes, running water, lights. This all can add up in dollars but doesn't really need to. This big wind chime was a birthday/Christmas present from hubs...
and this little one was from a garage sale.
I have seven around the yard that most were bought at yard/thrift sales. If it's too loud put it in a place that doesn't annoy. There's one close to the kitchen window that has a very musical sound. Before taking one along home make sure you like the sound.

Twinkly lights are wonderful and add a soft glow at night, and again, it doesn't take many to make a difference. Buy them after Christmas when they're on 50-75% sale and buy enough to last till the next Christmas.

These are in the front pergola and greet us when we drive in at night.
These are in the back arbor and give a lovely glow at night.

And water...ah, water! It can be as simple as a birdbath to a bubbler to a fish pond,
 but I believe I'll let that for another post! :)

...happy gardening!


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