Friday, May 28, 2010

trouble in the hemlocks!

our hemlocks are in trouble!
this spring, i noticed some white, cottony-looking stuff on the branches. 
friends tell me it's a spore that floats in the air and is destroying hemlocks everywhere.
inside the spore is a teeny, tiny bug that feeds off the needles
and eventually kills the tree.
now the needles are turning brown.
 hemlocks are our state tree.
there is a spray and a systemic available,
however, both take time to work
and the spore works faster than the supposed solution.

since we moved here six years ago,
we lost two diseased pin oaks, an ant infested mimosa and a japanese maple.
if our three lovely dogwood get the disease that is out there already,
i truly shall weep and wail!



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