Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Martha's Porch

DIL M decorated her porch in such an inviting way
i'm doing a 'show 'n tell' on my blog...
follow me!

this is what you see coming in on the walkway...
 stepping up on the porch to the left is this...
and to the right.
- reflections -
- shelf happiness -
- be seated -
M designs her own pots with a beautiful combination of plants.

  under the deck in the back
 is another cool spot to enjoy the summer heat...
M designed and laid the brick and concrete
and is there long enough for a mossy floor.

- mirrors and bird houses -
is it any wonder summer is such a lovely season,
where we want to linger and linger
at the sights and scents of it?

i hope you enjoyed this little tour of M's touch!



ps - i have a first-time give-away at my second blog, fleur gardens.


Anonymous said...

:) you really are being very generous with your compliment!

Anonymous said...

that was me,M,commenting by the way :)

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