Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mr. Jack Bryer

i met Jack ten days ago but he feels like an old, comfortable friend. 
our common interest is gardening...
his is rhododendron and azalea - mine is perennials.

in 1958, Jack bought four acres of bare ground for four thousand dollars...
his plot is on the north side of the Gap Hill
and he has a glorious view for miles
of the countryside.
he and his wife built a house
 and Jack either bought or planted starts of azalea and rhodies,
and he's got the cutest raised bed garden.

- join me on our tour of Jack's place -

the back of the house
  this freshly-fallen dogwood was eye-catching...
so-o-o lovely!

on the east side of the house is his raised-bed vegetable garden
fertilized by 'black gold' from his own compost pile
that he works on up behind the house.
- his son's beehives -

walking down from  the back of the house is this lovely view...
 these are four azalea  planted together and is simply gorgeous! 

by the way...Jack is eighty-five -
i hope i can still do this at that age!




Linda said...

Is he my dad neighbor?


Oh my, what a wonderful post! I enjoyed the visit and the lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Tina said...

Jack's place is amazing Esther! Isn't it just wonderful to make new friends who share the same interests! Loved this post. Wishing you a wonderful day ~ Tina x

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