Friday, April 30, 2010


Several years ago my chiropractor told me my right kneecap was out of place and had been for several years prior. He fixed it but I referred to it as my 'weak knee' and took extra care where I placed my feet. Last week I paid him another visit and the next morning on the last tenth of a mile of my daily walk, something happened to my 'good' left leg muscle. I couldn't bend my knee at all and it's been painful all week and has really slowed me down. Going potty has become a 'work of art' trying to get up and down and unable to bend my knee without screaming gasping in pain...try it sometime!

After another visit to the chiropractor which didn't seem to make any noticeable difference, I made up my mind to push past the pain and walk as normal as I could. Suddenly, I remembered an old-time solution - vinegar and epsom salt...
So I'm now soaking half an hour in the tub with hot water, salts and vinegar and after which, I put ice packs around my knee to get to the inflammation and am finally getting relief! Hobbling around a week with a bum leg is no fun - especially this time of the year!
(EDITED 2012 - I've since learned using both viegar and epsom salts work against each other...use one or the other.)

But then I had to think of others who have a 'bum leg' and have to live with it all the time. I'm very grateful for my health and want this to keep me more compassionate to others who live with constant pain. Health is a gift that can be taken away in a split moment.

Being limited in motion kept me housebound. iIspent more time on the computer and am grateful hubs 'loaned' me his chair, using a pillow on top of the wastebasket to keep my leg up.
Since I'm on a 'reuben sandwich on Ezekiel 4:9 bread' binge right now, it was a good place to eat at as well and it's finger-lickin' good!
 Thankfully, I can sit very comfortably in a recliner and am able to sleep in it when the bed gets too tiresome. 

Speaking of health...
I knew I wasn't drinking enough water so I got this brilliant 'convenience' idea to keep water bottles filled in the frig to keep track of how much water I'm drinking.
So far, i'm having a good record in downing a bottle an hour - which means more 'potty down to an art' work! :) Hopefully, this will help to release the inflammation as well!

Enjoy the lovely eighty degree weather that's on tap for today!



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Enjoying the Scenery said...

Sometimes it's those good ole remedies that work the best! Hope you soon get full use of your knee again!

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