Sunday, April 4, 2010

a fairy came...

I was giving the the playhouse a spring clean -
when lo and behold,
 a fairy stopped by.
Because fairies live in never-never land,
her wings were tired after the long journey here.
Looking around,
this fairy thought my flowers needed water.

Now you know
 that in never-never land,
it doesn't rain
 because it's a place of magic.
She didn't know about all the rain we just had!
Neither did she know
that ballet shoes were meant for dancing,
not to wear when one waters the flowers!
After getting the teapot from the playhouse,
she went to the tub that collects the rainwater...
and watered the flowers,
'cuz,' she said, 'the flowers are dry.'
And all the while
she would ask me,
'am I pretty?'
'do I look nice?'

After she watered the flowers,
she wanted to help me clean the playhouse.
This was fun, because in never-never land,
no one needs to clean anything -'s a place of magic!

Looking around, she found a doll-baby to play with.
Now in never-never land,
there were other fairies to play with -
but doll-babies?
Oh no, not doll-babies like this!
After playing doll-baby for a bit,
she decided though never-never land
was a magical place where it never rained
and nothing got dirty,
staying with grandma is a lot more fun
than living where everything is perfect!
I hope this fairy will come to my house again!

'I love you, Sarah!'
- Grandma -




Tina said...

Oh so incredibly sweet Esther! Your special little fairy is just precious and what a fun time she seemed to have:) Such a sweet and lovely post ~ Tina x

Chez Zizi said...

So sweet. i love it and I am dying to have a playhouse in my garden - it's on my wishlist.

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