Saturday, March 27, 2010

auction in Gap

March is the month for local fire companies to have their day
to supplement their income through auctions.
today is a b-i-g day in this little town of Gap
when the fire company has their annual auction.
it has a festive feel to it with huge crowds of folks,
wanting to buy, buy, buy...
anything from plants to antiques to food to bargain boxes!
i think i could've made a fortune in buying chairs and giving them a new look!
carriages are a hot item for this auction...
it's the only sale in the area that is mud-free.
- a description of the carriage -
then there's the private stands with lovely displays...
the plants and flowers to be auctioned off...
a popular means of transportation...
and these boys were busy!
then there's the yummy food inside...
- made-on-the-spot doughnuts -
- delicious soft pretzels -
fresh strawberry pies...
cut-up berries then dumped into pie shells,
and ready to eat or buy.
melt-in-the-mouth goodness!

at the local park just down the street was another sort of fun...
playing softball!
because there was another tournament event at the park,
they played wherever there was space to play.
even the horses had their place...
 at the end of the day,
this little guy was all-tuckered-out!
a good day it was for all!



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Tina said...

Hi Esther:) These pics are amazing! What a gorgeous looking market day. Those strawberry pies caught my attention:) I hope it was very successful for the local firefighters and that they raised lots of money. I have to say I also LOVED your chair makeover on your previous post, you clever lady - it is gorgeous ~ Tina x

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