Monday, February 1, 2010

week end musings, february first, twentyten, is our fortyfirst wedding anniversary...
(cliche - HOW could this happen so quickly?!) was a misty, chilly, gray day...
...we were a naively just turned twenty and twenty-one young...
...parents of a beautiful baby daughter ten months later...
...ah, the innocence of youth! far we've come since then! all of the 'stuff of marriage'...
...God has/is redemptive and GOOD to us...
'Bless His Holy Name!'

...we celebrated at apple bee's...
...hubs had fish n' chips...
...i had their new '550 calorie' grilled chicken dish...
...very good!


- message from the pulpit -

My Identity in Jesus

- acceptance
- redeemed 
- forgiven
- complete
- no condemnation
- secure
- significant
- reconciled
- bold access into the Throne
- a citizen of heaven  
- I belong to God

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine -
O, what a foretaste of glory devine!




Enjoying the Scenery said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you get to celebrate 41 more together! : )

kanishk said...

The sign looks very nice. Can't wait to see it for real! Love you

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