Wednesday, February 24, 2010

take one whiteboard...

(this one came from wal-mart)
paint it with chalkboard paint (i used a spray can after this - better results)...
add a piece of toile fabric left over from another project...
(never throw small scraps away!)
and it will equal this!
ain't she lovely?!

- instructions -
- lightly sand the whiteboard
- spray paint it with chalkboard paint (gives a smoother finish)
- take your choice of fabric and tuck under the frame (i used a flathead screw driver)
- ease around corners, distributing as evenly as possible
- to finish it off at the end, fold fabric, so when it's flipped over the fold is topside
- be sure fabric is even all around and corners nicely rounded
- trim if needed, flip fabric over and glue in place in the back

...gotta love it!

- tips -

this is my first time working with chalk board paint
 and i didn't like the end result of painting it on with a sponge brush...
i liked the spray paint better.
the chalkboard needs to be 'seasoned'
 use chalk and chalk all of it, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.
because the whiteboard is backed by cardboard
it was easy tucking the fabric under the origional frame.
this frame needed a three inch wide fabric piece.
the glue is quick drying, purchased at wal-mart.



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Mc Allen said...

omgawww so thrifty and c.u.t.e!!! what a great idea, thank you! xoxo LA

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