Monday, February 22, 2010

house tour/ office

lest you think every room is white, pretty and perfect organized in a casual, liveable way
it's not...
this room is hubs' office,
the only room left in it's origional state. 
it's a ten x ten foot room but holds a lot of stuff.
it's the place to cram the 'junk-before-company-comes' room.
and it's the room where the grandkids visit everytime they come
because of this...
yep...these have a huge pull!
(hubs is also the 'smarty man' at church so he buys in bulk)
he's a hero in letting me have my corner that looks like this...
with my mess on the floor
where my very small collection of craft stuff is.

this is the 'before', my!
it now looks like this...
yeah, another 'my, my'...
some of it mine.
the exercise ball is an experiment to use as a seat
when i use the 'puter but it's too low,
and the chair is going to get a re-do soon sometime.

hubs is an avid hunter,
but loves his wife more.
he's a volunteer fire police.
his space only looks disorganized, but he knows where everything is.
i only dust it, very occasionally!

when the door is closed,
it looks like this...
ALL the doors and ALL the woodwork looked like this throughout the house...
no longer!
on a 'sometime post' i'll show you what i did to get the same doors like this...



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Amy Kinser said...

That last door is beautiful. I got an exercise ball for Christmas and it's kind of hanging around like yours is.

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