Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fleur Cottage house tour

in 2004 we downsized into our 'dawdy haus' and became 'empty-nesters.'
this house was built in the late sixties when 'bungalows' were popular...
long, narrow hallways, small dinning rooms, smaller entrys with a laundry tucked in,
poor lighting and small bedrooms. 
 we are the second owners of this well-built, plastered (no dry wall!), red-brick house
and love living here!

there is a front door that opens into the living room where strangers 
(usually) ring the doorbell. 
then there's the other front door that family and friends use the most.
when we open this door to welcome you, this is what you see...
yep...the laundry.
as you step inside and the door is closed, you see this...
i wish i had before/after pictures of this room. 
 it had dark paneling and a sixties-era tile floor and a closet where this furniture is.
the old entrance was a narrow 40x46" space to walk through,
with a drafty door that had slatted windows -
really sixties, outdated door!
the small glimpse of the door to the left opens into the garage.
and to the left of that was what formerly was a small powder room
but is now a closet.
the white stand is a sewing machine cabinet turned into a stand.
the shelf above it was gotten at an auction...
i really, really want to paint it...
but i want to honor hub's wish
so i'll not!
directly across from this area is this...
where one can see in the mirror the washer/dryer with the 'old look' cabinet is.
(every winter i plan on painting 'em - hasn't happened yet!)
below this mirror is a bench given as a b-day gift from my siser
that is handy to store stuff on sit on when we put shoes/boots on (no pic).
the angel, greens and basket hides the faucets
and the picture hides a big unused electrical outlet.
turning around here gives a view of the entry and the kitchen through the door.
 wall deco

this room had only one dim light in the center of the room,
so we replaced it with three can ceiling lights...
what a difference!
taking this room from a cave-like dark to one filled with light...
is a wonderful place to welcome strangers and friends alike!



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Aimee said...

Your home is DELIGHTFUL!! I love, love, love it! Your idea for staining the picture frame on a previous post is inspirational! Makes me want to run out and get a can of stain. :)

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