Tuesday, January 19, 2010

week end...

...i have several painting projects going that need to be finished...
...two chairs, a picture frame, a dresser's bust, a chalk board -
all for later posts...

...this is what the basement looks like right now...

...i call it an organized mess!

...in a corner of the living room is my first chalkboard project...

...right now, i'm reserving my opinion on it...


...from the pulpit...

- Foundations -

What foundation have i chosen for life?
When hard things happen will it stand?
What do the storms of life reveal about my foundation?

A shaky foundation...
- trust in a wrong place
- substituting things for God

Can i take the Bible and believe it with simple faith?

- Safe gurads -

- pray with honesty
- take it in it's context
- get perspective from other's wisdom

                       'On Christ, the solid Rock,
                                                                      I stand,
                                                                                            all other ground is sinking sand!'



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