Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ice cream, you scream...

on the week end i had a yen for ice cream so i pulled out my electric ice cream maker out of the freezer...yep, the freezer. it's one of those that has a gel of some kind in it and it needs to be frozen. actually, i keep it in there all the time. this was also a GW bargain...you know - that place where you can get all kinds of bargains, esp if one has the patience to wait for 'em!

...here she is...

like i said, i keep it in the freezer all the time so when these sudden urges come for homemade ice cream - ta da - it's good to go! i also keep the paddle in there as well...the colder the implements the better. make your fav mix, pour it in the mixer, place the lid on top and turn it on. i stick around nearby just to make sure it's doing ok. it's finished when it's doubled and is thickened like soft ice cream. remove the paddle  and lick it off (memories!) and eat it right out of the container... :) freeze what's left but is the best eaten right away...it freezes rock hard!

...i like this recipe along with another, which, unfortunately, i can't lay my hands on...

- sour cream ice cream -

1¼ cups cream
¾ cup sugar
3 pasturized eggs
8 oz sour cream
1¼ teaspoon vanilla

combine all the ingredients, mixing well
for creamier ice cream, let set in frig overnight
freeze according to directions

(pst...i used fresh eggs)

...this ice cream has a little bit of a tang to it from the sour cream but i think it's delicious!

- fudge topping -
1 cup semi-sweet choclate morsels
¼ cup cream
2 tablespoons butter
melt and stir together until melted



...from the pulpit...

- the stuff of life -

how do we respond to personal disappointment?
we can pout
act like nothing has happened
or we can allow them to 'grow us up'

what is our response to God in disappointing times?
in our humaness, God doesn't make sense
can we still worship?
we accept good from God - can we also accept the difficult? Job 2:10

what is our response to people who are facing hard times?
do i expect too much out of them?
are my words a blessing?
do i enter into their pain?
(that's really what compassion does - it enters into the other's pain)

- be careful lest we allow disappointment to take us out of the game of life -



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