Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lord, I come to you like a broken rag doll,
My dress is torn and stained
My arm is half hanging on.
My eyes aren't shining and trusting
Like they once were.
My expression isn't innocent
And transparent anymore.
I'm not the unused, brand-new ragdoll
I once was.
Yes, my smile is still there,
But not as spontaneous as it once was;
It's a little forced now...
A bit more tired.
I need to be picked up by you, Lord,
picked up...
held tightly...
and reassured.
Reassured that no matter how I look,
Or how dirty and scuffed up
and broken I am,
You love me just like when I was brand-new.
Would you please hold me, Lord?
- Robin Williams -



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ellen kauffman said...

I love love love this post! The doll reminds me of one I had years ago...the poem brought tears to my eyes!

You asked about my header... the image is cropped and resized to 660x205, and I checked the box that said shrink to fit. But your header looks bigger than mine so maybe don't crop it quite as small? Hope that helps!

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