Monday, September 21, 2009

Week End Musings

Thursday evening we enjoyed our 'once-a-month-meal' (a christmas present) at Lins...the table was set for more people than we are so we knew more were coming.
Asking who else was coming didn't get us anywhere and to our surprise,
the rest of our local children were invited to celebrate Grandparents Day.
What a special treat!
Lin and Mart - our hosts
Loren and Bev and son Bryant
Serena (foreground)
Wayne and Julia
    Martha is a fabulous cook, of which I've concluded is genetic as her mother was a caterer. 
We love being the 'guinea pig!'
Bean soup and snitz pie is a Pennsylvania Dutch food. Snitz pie filling ingredients consist of dried apples that are ground up and most times mixed w/ applesause. It's delicious with ham and bean soup! She also made chicken corn soup for the kiddo's.
We had freshly baked rolls with 'melt-in-you-mouth' peanut butter spread.
Julia brought vegies dip, Bev brought the pies and Shawn (12) baked the choc chip cookies...

Thank you, girls!


We have a tradition that when the grandchildren turn five we take them to Village Greens, a beautiful local  mini golf course. We've had some interesting moments but there's improvement with age!
Saturday evening we celebrated Andre's 14th birthday
It was a fun evening and the best part?
Five under par!
I celebrated with this...

and the men consoled themselves with this! :)
Fun evening!

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