Monday, August 31, 2009

weekend musings

on friday hurricane Danny blew through here, leaving behind at least an inch of rain. the best part of Fri was our 'once a month meal' at Lin's, a year-long Christmas present from them. she's a fab cook! we had grilled cornish hen, corn-on-the-cob, toss salad, rolls, fresh peaches & blueberry coffee cake made by Anthony (10) delish!

Sat turned into a muggy but lovely day so i got the mowing in...the grass was thick & high from all the rains and heat we had. one can be as careful as can be but accidents still happen, esp when one goes against better knowledge! when i empty the bagger i turn the mower on low speed & if necessary, pull out the grass from the outlet...this time i reached in a little too far & my finger got hit by the blade. i was astounded, to say the least, cause i'm 'careful!' :) when i looked at my hand i wasn't sure what i would find as right away the end of my finger was numb. i wasn't wearing my glasses so i couldn't really see, just saw the blood. all said & was badly bruised w/ a tiny cut but no broken bones - thank God! it's tender yet but was amazed it didn't hurt more. & yes, i learned my lesson! :)

Sat eve hubs & i ate at Friendly's which is just a skip & hop from our house. came back here & listened to the phillies lose...badly!

several thoughts from our church service, this one from SS class - ' love the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, to keep his that we may live & multiply...'  lifegiving advice! the other is a quote from the message... 'Christians are known more for what they're against then for what they believe.' (my musings - striking thought! we tend to live more in a defense mode rather than the offense. i think about that at times...when my faith is challenged i often feel/speak in a defensive manner which isn't a good response for my faith...God doesn't need to be 'defended!')

another amazing thing happened for one of our church family...their 19 yr old adopted son, who isn't making very good choices at this time, connected w/ his birth father this past wk. the father had been looking for him for most of those years. a son's longing - a father's pursuit - gives us a teeny, tiny glimpes of God's pursuit of us when we're on a wrong path, making wrong choices...God is good!

last evening we had 'wrap up' time at our house w/ our cell group of three was bitter/sweet as we'll miss this little group of four familes but looking ahead & believing God will bring good things into our lives w/ our next group of seven families. probably the most impacting activity we did was to go through The Truth Project put together by Focus on the changed my understanding of what God intended for society versus how society thinks. it can be accessed on the web.

it was a simple meal of burgers & hot dogs, sitting around the fire, reminising & speaking a blessing to each other. was a lovely weekend!

a few pics from our wrap-up night

Galen & Marcy, our cell group leaders
Vernon & Darlene, son Jadon
Marlin & Naomi
yours truly!

 a lovely night...

 we will not forget..


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